KCI Medical.

Providing an online and tracking platform.

Fully compliant with security regulations

CitySprint’s Medical service division has been specifically designed to meet needs of the medical industry ensuring that KCI’s storage and medical movements are fully compliant with the MHRA and CPA safety regulations.
In addition to providing a ‘profile driven’ online booking and tracking platform, we provided KCI with access to the services of our healthcare team.  The team which is operational 24/7 was closely involved in developing KCI’s bespoke operational procedures and subsequently responsible for the accreditation of the couriers supporting this account. 

What we accomplished together

Over the period of the contract cost efficiencies were achieved in line with KCI moving all of its healthcare logistics to CitySprint. Saving derived from the optimisation of delivery runs, including the return of used units and exchange delivery/pickups based on the skilled use of route scheduling software, and incorporating CitySprint’s own overnight network.

The commitment from the account management team to mitigate areas of potential service failure has resulted in significant service improvements. In addition, KCI’s decision to move the entire logistics requirement to CitySprint produced greater cost efficiency through the optimisation of courier usage.