Medical Solicitors.

Creating a reliable service for a specialised challenge.

Reliability and efficiency

We were tasked with managing multiple orders relating to the safe collection and carriage of sensitive human tissue. The orders would come from sites within a number of Hospital Trusts, and would need to be delivered to various medicolegal experts in both London and Belfast.

These vitally important and specialist orders would then need to be returned to the Trusts from where they first came.

The CitySprint solution ensures safe collection and shipment at both ends of the process. At the heart of our solution is a designated Account Manager, who is always there to help, and keep our contacts fully informed.

"This is an excellent, trustworthy service that I know I can rely on. The items we sent were irreplaceable and we needed a service provider who could manage collection and delivery, as well as keep us informed every step of the way - which our Account Manager did."
Medical Solicitors