Latest news Welcome to... CitySprint Health!

Welcome to... CitySprint Health!

Have you noticed a change recently? We've rebranded! From here on out CitySprint Healthcare shall be known as CitySprint Health, and with the refresh comes a few changes to your day to day. Don't worry though, here's a list of things that have updated (and some that have stayed the same!).


‚ÄčThe website domain has changed to To make life easier though, all of the old links containing citysprinthealthcare will still work, they'll just redirect to the new site.


You will still book in the same way as usual, whether that's over the phone or by using our SameDay Online booking system. Your sign in details haven't changed, and you can sign-in from any page by clicking the link in the top right.


If you contact our team through email, please note that email addresses have been updated to reflect the change, meaning will now be Again, don't worry, any emails sent to the old email addresses will be forwarded on, but please do update your records.


Details haven't changed for invoicing, so as you were.

If you have any questions regarding the rebrand, feel free to contact us at
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