Transporting specimen.

Delivered for you securely.

Why choose our specimen transportation?

National reach

Meet your bleed-to-test times with our national network of medical couriers and route optimisation software

Scanning technology

Barcode scanning technology means specimens cannot be mis-delivered

Scheduled deliveries

Specimen collection can be scheduled, promoting LEAN laboratory efficiencies by drip feeding samples into the lab


Our services meet the regulatory requirements of UKAS

Track in real-time

Our innovative technology, PathTrak, allows you to track your specimen in transit in real-time

Our pathology transportation services can help you deliver the following samples:

  • Histology samples
  • Cytology samples
  • Microbiology samples
  • Virology samples
  • Human body fluids for testing
  • Cultured infectious tissue/sample for referencing
  • Cold Chain and frozen items

Contacting CitySprint Healthcare

Want to discuss your logistics and delivery requirements? Contact the team and see how we can provide a tailored solution to support your needs.

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